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Single Girls Guide to eating vagina

Nice Pussy

So you came to me looking for an oral sex guide for her? Well you are in the right place eating vagina is a nice way to say to your lady hey I think you’re swell.

I remember watching Gabrielle Union on Chelsea lately saying that you can keep the flowers give her cunnilingus. And uhm I cannot say I agree with her, cause I really do like flowers… nah just kidding…if cunnilingus is done right it really is a perfect gift.

There are millions of articles about how to eat vagina. I have written a few of them myself and let’s face it,  oral sex kinda isn’t rocket science. Know your partner, ask her what she likes and uhm just get down there already.

If you have a gun-hoe attitude and a rocking pussy eating technique you too can give your woman the gift of an orgasm and I do have a birthday coming up.


Writing this story also reminds me of the episode on sex in the city with Mr Pussy. The guy who ate pussy so well his reputation preceded him.. now I don’t know how busy you want your social calendar to be but since I know a lot of women are looking for their winter time boos, this might be the time to brush up on your oral sex skills. It may just be that one thing that pushes your application to the top of the pile.

Now if you are like most men you probably have only seen a vagina in the dark cover of the night, cloaked in granny panties and thick comforters. Well the only way you are going to know what you are dealing with is to pry that sucker apart with both hands and good a good look.

There are plenty of diagrams you can find all over the internet.. or some sort of

Anatomy of a Vagina

anatomy of a vagina

“medical journals” you can find on your favorite porn I mean educational sites but I don’t care where you look at one.

Just look a pussy right in the eye and get familiar.

Let’s face it not a lot of women know what their vagina looks like. And if you date the kind of woman who doesn’t like to shave (my bush gives me warmth in the winter) then you may have never had a real chance to see it.

If you watch cinemax or porn, read hustler, playboy or have a computer, or hell have a cell phone.  You may have noticed those vagina things come in all shapes and sizes.

Usually the difference is the shape of the labia and the size of the clitoris. But for the most part all of the parts should be in the same places…let’s hope. and I know what you’re thinking if you see one pussy get eaten on screen surely I am up to the test. But trust me if giving a woman oral sex was as easy as all of that there would be more successful men at it. And a lot more women who actually like it. Yes sir, a bad lube job can turn a woman off and I am pretty sure you do not want to be that guy.

After you have a conversation with your lady to see what she likes and you have now had a face to face meeting with her vagina, the next step is to be able to find yourself some oral sex techniques that work.

The best oral sex licking technique

the best thing you can do is leave your tongue wet and limp. A tongue just like a penis is a muscle. It can be hardened and relaxed and trust me there is a time for both.. when it comes to the tongue. No one wants a limp noodle when it comes to cock but having a relaxed tongue can do the trick. Take your tongue and lick her from vaginal opening to her clitoris and back. You don’t have to do it with military precision her moans, and screams will let you know when you are doing it right.  try licking her from the beginning of her vagina or her vaginal opening or hole, lick up to her and then onto the edges of her vagina, the labia majora or her pussy lips. Make sure you lick them along both sides. When you repeat this technique go up and down and vice versa. This is a great way to start and it may be the greatest way for her to finish.

Tongue fuck

Even Smart Men do it

Even Smart Men do it

a stiff tongue is necessary if you want to try this. The best thing to do is to take your wet fingers and play with her vagina. Take your hand and GENTLY rub her clitoris while you take your tongue and orally penetrate her vagina. Lord the memories. You don’t have to do it very long and please switch up but trust me if she does not take your head and puts you in a figure foreleg lock to the face you are doing it allll wrong. Now keep in mind the majority of a woman’s nerve endings are near the opening of her vagina. For many of you that is that elusive G-spot you can’t find with a flashlight. The good news is that your tongue is the perfect length for you to reach it and stay there. So if you target the area of her vagina where you can flex your tongue and flick it upward you are sure to send chills up her spine and shoot her big toe straight in the air.

Tongue kissing the vagina

This is when you hold two parts of her pussy lips together with your lips (sucking) at the same time you are running your tongue between her labia, both inner and outer one side at a time. This is a good technique to break the monotony but it is not something you can or should do for too long. I have had this done to me, and although I can see how it can be pleasurable for some ladies it can also be a little restrictive. You gotta let the pussy come up for air, oh and you too.. this is definitely not a good move to do if you have a stuffy nose.

Clitoral suck

Clitoral suck once again I cannot stress enough how gentle you have to be with the technique. When giving oral sex take your hands your tongue whatever you like and expose her clit to the world. Now that you have admired it’s beauty take a hold of it with your mouth and suck on it like it is some hard candy given to you out of the bottom of that  old lady’s purse in church….wrong visual?  Suck it like its a slurp’pie and you are using a thin straw.

The last oral sex technique is a tongue roll. Take your tongue and roll it up as if you are going to whistle, either you are a red neck or a west Indian but this is definitely not an easy thing to do. When you roll up your tongue you are rolling it around her clitoris. This is not a technique for the faint of heart but it is definitely a pro move. Trust me this is definitely Mr Pussy Status.

ABC Technique

The last oral sex technique may be the best or the most simple. Abc is easy as one two three gives that whole song another meaning. In this technique you basically take your tongue and spell words on her vagina. But don’t spell words that will make you laugh. I am sure if I had to do this I would spell words like dumb ass, and I want this over with. Anywhoo these are the single girls guide oral sex guide and if you have any tips that you think I missed please let me know.

oral sex guide-The goal of oral sex is to bring her to orgasm

The goal of oral sex is to bring her to orgasm. You are not done until you see this face…

Just a note when trying any one oral sex technique keep in mind to  suck lightly on her clitoris until she says when. Once again you are waiting for her cum cues, or until you can’t breathe she is suffocating you with her thighs. Once you have her clitoris exposed now you should start alternating sucking and flicking it with your tongue. You might want to blow on it in the mean time, the mixture of the hot and cool will drive her wild.

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Are there any  Oral sex techniques I forgot? Are any of the ones I suggested your favorite? Do you have anything to add leave a comment.. I would love to hear from you

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