Tantric Sex 101 Sex tips- for beginners

tantric sex for beginners
Not that long ago after a very intense love making session…I looked at my partner a little in shock and frankly in awe…and I asked him quite stunned…How did you do that? And He said I practice Tantric  Sex…oooohhh hoity toity…
Honestly I looked at him and rolled my eyes tantric sex? really
It was only after I was at dinner with a girlfriend . She told me that she was shocked that her man could achieve an orgasm and still maintain his erection and the reason was tantric sex.  I have had the pleasure of being with a man that could do that…but apparently she had never had that experiene before with any other man, and when she shared what she thought was his amazing fete with another girl friend…she said…Palease, he didn’t invent anything…it’s just Tantric…
So is your interest peaked???
In my quest to include some tantric sex practices in my routine, I had to figure out how to get strated. So of course I had to do some research about tantric sex tips for beginners, starting with what it is…exactly.  Tantric Sex is an ancient Hindu Practice that is characterized by intense spiritual and sexual connection.  It’s one of the only spiritual practice that allows you to be sexually free, instead of sex being viewed as a sin.  And although I’m not asking you to convert… I am saying that maybe if you add some of the tantric practices into your sexual routine it is possible that you can improve your sex life.
So let’s get started.
Tantric sex 101 for beginners
Create a love den…
You don’t have to create a love shrine. But It might help you to set the mood. Create an atmosphere where you will not only tantalize your mates body but his/her senses as well.  Burn incents or scented candles that help to create an aromatically stimulating environment.  Try natural oils like jasmine, ylang ylang and rose.
Breathe each other’s breath.. this is a pretty simple one.  Lay on your partners chest and While your partner exhales you inhale and vice versa. When you synchronize your breathing it will allow you to relax and concentrate on the simple movements of your body. Becoming conscious about your breathing is central to all yoga practices, and it helps you become centered.
EYE Fuck
Maintain Eye Contact…Now there are different suggestions on how to do this. But Try to Look your man in his eye the whole way through. This might be uncomfortable But I know men love to see the look in his woman’s face when she is going down on him, when he is going down on her or even climaxing.
There are a lot of erogenous zones that get no attention.  Touch, kiss, lick, massage, stroke your way to the promise land. But make sure that your obvious sexual parts are the very last to get attention.
Sure enough, achieving the big “O” is not Tantra’s main objective. Instead, you attempt to prolong the act, increasing potent sexual energy and intimacy with your partner. If you focus solely on the grand finale, you’ll miss the amazing range of feeling the rest of the show offers.
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“Your ultimate, erotic mission is to set every nerve on fire, so go ahead and be creative.
Tantric Sex – The Secret to Tantric Sex – Cosmopolitan
Cosmo’s Tantra Tricks
  • The Waterfall: Place your hand over his penis, fingertips resting lightly on his scrotum, and pour lubricant over the back of your hand so that it trickles between your fingers. Then place your hands on either side of his testicles and slowly, gently slide them up all the way to the tip of his penis. To let him cool down, ask your guy to do the same move on you, cupping his hand over your hot spot, letting the lube drip through his fingers, then spreading the oil up over your clitoris and pubic bone.
  •  The Serpent: Very gently, stretch the shaft of his penis with one hand by pulling away from his body, and make a circle with the thumb and index finger of your other hand just under the head of his penis. Rotate the circle clockwise until your thumb naturally lifts all the way off the head, repeating the motion as long as he can stand it.
  •  The Tantric Triangle Touch: With your legs open and bent, your guy inserts his index and middle fingers inside you until the tips are pressing upward just beyond your pubic bone in G-spot territory. He then makes a gentle “come here” movement with his fingers — caressing that sensitive oh-god area — while at the same time resting his other palm on your abdomen within reaching distance of your clitoris (with his fingers pointing up, his arms form a triangle). “I’ve never felt so aroused,” says Lily, 24, whose boyfriend used this passion-revving move on her. “The combination of G-spot stroking, pressure on my pubic area and clitoris caressing created a pleasure triple-whammy. It was a kind of bliss I’d only read about in books with Fabio on the cover.”
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Have you ever practiced Tantric Sex?  Do you think it’s something you might try?  If  So what approach here sounds appealing to you?   Leave us a Comment We Would Love to hear from you?

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