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Single Girl Summer by Deanna Burrelll

A few weeks back A wonderful new book called Single Girl’s Summer came to my attention.  Of Course us here at Single Girl’s Guide to Men could relate to another young single trying to live their best single life and summertime is my favorite time of the year to be single.

And with the passing of the fourth of July the Single Girl Summer 2011 is in full swing so we thought we would reach out to Deanna Burrell Author of Single Girl’s Summer to find out about her new novel and how we could make this summer this best Single Girl’s Summer EVER!!!

Single Girl Summer is about embracing life and making the most of you time and talents. Here are some suggestions to have the best Single Girl Summer ever.

Tell me about the characters in your book… The three main characters are Button Jackson, Meghan


Single Girl Summer author Deanna Burrell


Cherry, and Dawn Martin. Each woman represents a different perspective on being single. Button Jackson is the self-proclaimed, ultimate singe girl who loves to date, but has no female friends. Meghan Cherry is nursing the wounds from a fresh and painful divorce. Dawn Martin is driving herself crazy as she’s stuck in purgatory waiting for a marriage proposal from her long-term boyfriend. They meet in the spring and embark on this Single Girl Summer adventure together where you find themselves sharing their relationship perspectives and learning from each other.

Tips For Having Your Best Single Girl’s Summer

1) Go out “with yourself” at least once. Don’t say “by yourself”, because you’re marvelous company and you’re not by yourself. You’re “with yourself”. Go the movies with yourself. If you’ve never done this before, I can understand your apprehension. But it’s really easy. I don’t recommend going to a weekend evening showing because there’ll be a lot of people there and it’s prime date time.But if you must go to the first showing on the weekends or take a day off from work and go during the weekday. It won’t be really crowded and I guarantee there’ll be other solo people there. Don’t feel the need to make conversation with anyone, just chill and enjoy the thoughts in your own head. You make an awesome party of one.

2) Speaking of parties of one, Celebrate you.Don’t wait for a special occasion. You woke up this morning, that’s special occasion enough.


champagne cocktail

Drink champagne just because.

3) Purposely overdress to an event.

Don’t be afraid to stand out.

4)Throw caution to the wind and do something daring. Skydive, jump in the pool with your clothes on, kiss a cute boy in the club that you don’t know and then leave.

Watch a Sun Set

5) Appreciate mother nature’s power and beauty. Get up early and watch the sunset. Dance in the rain. Go out on your backporch and marvel at the moon.

Go for a long walk on the beach.

6) Take a day off work and be a tourist in your city. Don’t take your great city for granted. Visit your museums, take a sightseeing tour, take pictures of yourself at famous landmarks. Whatever you laugh at the tourists for doing, go do it.

Don’t let the out of town folks soak up all the culture.

7) Acknowledge your gift. What is that nagging thought or great idea that just won’t go away? It’s your gift. Recognize it, formulate a plan, and getting started letting your light shine.

8) Count your blessings and be a blessing. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Babysit for a friend that needs some me-time. Spend some quality time with your parents.

9) Drop any dead weight. If you know he aint sh*t, aint never gone be sh*t, aint never gone be about sh*t, then stop messing around with him. Holding onto old baggage doesn’t leave space for new blessings to come into your life. If being with him makes you feel like crap, STOP IT! The same goes for female friends. If she’s always making jokes at your expense, borrowing money that never gets repaid or canceling plans at the last minute, then she needs to go bu-bye too.

10) Go on multiple dates in one day. Meet one for breakfast, one for a walk in the park, and then one for dinner and dancing. Then meet your girls at the bar and tell them all about it.

You’ll be tired, but you’ll have a great story to tell.

11) When you get all dressed up, you need as many people as possible to see how cute you look so hit at least five spots in one night. You don’t have to stay long, but you do have to make sure everyone sees fabulous you.

12) Pull an ultimate get little. If you go into a party and it’s a dud, don’t stay. Life is too short to be bored. And don’t bother making up an excuse why you have to leave. Just bounce. Don’t pass go. Don’t collect $200. Don’t say good-bye, just ghost. Head off to the next par-tay. It’s called the ultimate get little.

13) Know that going outside doesn’t have to break the bank.

Find fun free stuff to do and bring your flask.

Instead of paying $10 for a vodka cranberry, just order the $2 cranberry and pour in the contents of your flask. Instant party and fantastic savings.

If You want to find out more information on “Single Girl’s Summer” Deanna Burrell check out her website. or follow her on twitter @SingleGrlSummer

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