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We’re single and dating. (which often also means we’re young and fertile). There’s an obvious need to keep track of our sex ovulation calendars… but keeping an addendum sex calendar is so much more fun!  I know I know the last thing you want to think about when you are a young girl on the go is ovulation or anything that has to do with screaming kids but it is very important to keep track of your sex calendar unless you are looking forward to become a mom.
sex tips ovulation calendar

Ways to keep track of your ovulation calendar -Keep a Sex Calendar

As many of my single girls’ guide posts, this article’s existence is attributed to a recent Girls’ Night out — somehow during Happy Hour with some girlfriends my cell phone was being passed around. (it had everything to do with a certain provocative photograph I had received via text).

sex ovulation calendar app

You can use your cell phone and download a sex ovulation calendar app

One of my best gal pals is the type to investigate & play around with gadgets, so when my phone was passed to her, she checked out the penis pic and went on to look through my applications list. She then pulled out her phone and compared notes…

I have an ovulation calendar app that has notations for several things, including “had sex” days which are noted with small purple circles on the calendar. She had the same app – but apparently I had quite a bit more purple dots in June than she did; so she hi-fived me.

Soon after, sexual prowess and frequent activity was the topic of the hour– While neither one of us are in a rush to be in a family way it is very important to keep track of your sex and ovulation cycle and what better way to do that is through use of a calendar. The conversation went beyond sex ovulation calendars. But we began to talk about sex in general.

We talked about multiple reasons why a healthy, active sex life is important to a woman. Obviously, there’s the old adage that people who “get it” on the regular are, in general, happier people with happier moods.

sex tips ovulation calendar

Using an ovulation calendar will help you keep track of your sex calendar

But there’s also many health advantages to regularly engage in coitus and experience orgasms… Most notably, having regular sex promotes a reduced risk of heart disease (because, let’s be honest — it’s a great cardio workout!) Also, frequent sex enhances bladder control & prevents incontinence each time you flex those kegel muscles in the act (no Depends for you at 45!) As noted, sex is a great workout – doing it regularly promotes your overall fitness.

FYI: swallowing contributes to good oral hygiene, because seminal plasma contains zinc, calcium, and other minerals proven to hinder tooth decay (many believe that it’s also good for the skin)

Having regular sex also promotes a healthy prostate in men – so if you care about him, give him some often. It’ll do you both good!

Keeping a sex ( ovulation ) calendar will boost your spirits, health, and confidence, with each beautiful view of the bounty of purple circles in a given month (or whatever your mobile app or manual hand designate for HAD SEX days).

I urge you all to pat yourselves on the back after every job well done. My friend was certainly vowing to put more purple dots in her life by the end of Girls’ Night.

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Do you keep a Sex ovulation Calendar? If Not is it something you might be interested in starting?  How many Purple Dots would you have on it for the month?


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