Products for Natural Hair Care

products for natural hair care

products for natural hair care

I get so excited when I walk around my little Brooklyn and I see people who like me are starting their natural hair care journey. If you have been following the site for a while you might remember a while back in a post I told you guys that I had stopped relaxing my hair for several at that time 6 months.

If you are like me whose chemical journey began when I was 12 years old. I have had perms for the majority of my life, and came to a part of my existence when I didn’t know what my “real hair” looked like.

And Even though I have been a licensed hairstylist now for nearly 20 years. Dealing with my new virgin hair is a brand new experience.

I was so used to treating and using products on my hair that worked with my relaxed locks that just doesn’t cutting it with my new waves and curl patterns. But My son’s hair gave me the courage to take the leap into not relaxing my hair and I can honestly say I don’t miss it.

There have been several healthy hair blogs, that have helped me on my journey to transitioning as of now I am wearing a weave, which I get daily comments on about how naturally it blends with my natural hair. But I have been looking at blogs such as…

my new curly hair

my new curly hair

Youtube has been a Godsent on how to deal with this new mane of mine…
one of my FAVORITE Vloggers who I have had the pleasure of meeting recently is Taren916.

She is as personable on the videos as she is in person. and On one of my recent visits to Youtube, I ran across one of her videos that really helps out newly naturals like me.

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Taren’s Tips

Shampoo she suggest Alba botanicals shampoo which has natural ingredients.
Conditioner Kinky Curly KNot today or Tresseme Naturals Silicone Free Conditioner
She herself washes her hair 3 times a week. Just for the curl pattern.
She doesn’t suggest that you Co-Wash for hair cleanliness as it only puts product on her hair rather than clean the scalp.

She suggest using a shampoo without sulfate.
Safflower oil to Moisturize hair.
Kinky Curly Curly Custard to define her curl pattern.
Sleeping on Satin Pillow cases are a must, if Not you can use a satin Bonnet.
Add a Ceramic Blow drier, and a defuser, to your natural hair care arsenal if you want to get big hair.
Eco styler styling Gel, to help you control the frizz and define a curl pattern
A good detangler
Wide tooth comb.

Fore More Natural hair care tips.  Make sure you check out her website.

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Are your transitioning to natural hair? What hair care products work well with your natural hair? Have you tried some of these products?  What worked or didn’t work for you?
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