Grey Goose Cocktail Martini Dolce La Poire

Recently I found myself at YRB’s Summer Fashion Preview with Miguel as it’s host.  I do absolutely love Miguel and I adore fashion, but Open Bar are like my two favorite words.

Well since, Martini and Rossi Moscato was their sponsor we were treated to Moscato, which I absolutely HATE… I find it asinine that because a rapper says it in his song I must want to drink it. Anyhoo…

When I tasted the Juicy Cocktail the bartender had prepared for me I was pleasantly surprised and  was about 3 Grey Goose Cocktail  Martini’s in by the time I left the joint.  So Enjoy.

Martini Dolce La Poire

3 Parts of Martini and Rossi Moscato (or Any)

1 Part of Grey Goose La Poire

1/4 Simple Syrup


combine in a shaker

Shake and Strain Over Ice

Garnish with a Lemon slice or Pear

Martini Moscatini

3 Parts Moscato

1 part Grey Goose La Poire

Try this refreshing Carribean salad Recipe to with your Cocktail
Have you tried this recipe? let me know what you think of it…Leave a comment
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