You Suck & Swallow

Do you Suck and Swallow

I tend to get mixed reviews on the topic of giving oral sex to a man with women.

Some love it and some don’t like it at all. Most women who don’t like it is because they don’t really know how to do it.

Others like a man to go down on them but are afraid they will have to reciprocate. I believe that some women feel it demeans them.

I have actually had a facebook friend, tell me that she was not good at fellatio and it made her gag too much but she wanted to do it. I love performing oral sex on a man but I do have the gag problem as well. I have my own technique that I use to prevent this and I made a video for her using a dildo to demonstrate.

She told me that my video really helped her. Women I want you to know that some straight men are now letting gay men give them blow jobs because they aren’t getting them from you and they say gay men are more enthusiastic about it and do a better job. Something to think about.

You do not have to put the entire penis in your mouth to stimulate a man. If you can put it all in I give you props but the most sensitive part is the tip.

If you can use your hand to stroke the bottom of the shaft and use your mouth for the top you’re in good shape(it also helps if you cover your teeth with your lips).

I don’t know anyone who has said they don’t like sucking on a lollipop, popsicle, or an ice cream cone.

I for one love all three and lets face it it’s good practice. It’s like a challenge for me to not let the popsicle or the ice cream drip. My mouth is watering now…For an ice cream cone that is..Get your mind out of the gutter!!!!

As far as the women who say that don’t want a penis in their mouth I don’t understand that. I can see if you don’t want to do it with a guy you hardly know but not with someone you sleep with frequently.

Another major concern (which I totally understand) is a man ejaculating in your mouth.  I must say that I have to really be into you or really really horny to let any fluids go into my mouth and I DO NOT SWALLOW.

Another good tip (if you let his juice in your mouth) a women gave me and it worked is to lift your tongue upward as to not let his love juice touch your tongue (taste buds).

The taste can be funky in my opinion..I have my nose wrinkled up as I write..

I have found that men gay or straight find this to be a huge plus if you swallow. My straight guy friend Clark told me that a girl gets and A if she swallows. Everything else is a B or below. I told him that a B works for me. The good news is ladies that he said “If you put his knob in your mouth your already doing good.” I will assume this goes for most men. I don’t like having it done to me but I like doing it. How weird is that?

So I did a little internet research to see if swallowing semen was bad. The answer is that it is not harmful to you if your partner is in good health. Semen actually consists of fructose and protein.

There are some STD’S that can be transmitted through semen but if you are performing unprotected oral sex with someone who has an STD you have already been exposed before he ejaculates.

However they did say if you let the semen go into your mouth it’s best to swallow because your digestive acids will “Probably” destroy any bacteria in the semen. The other option is if you let the semen go into your mouth and don’t swallow you must immediately spit it out and rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide to kill any harmful germs.

I’m not an expert but in my opinion if we want to get freaky and out the box with different kinds of risky sexual activities it should be with someone who we trust, someone who has no STD’S or someone who we are exclusive with. I’m celibate at the moment but even when I was having sex with more than one person I was always as safe as I could be. Just remember the only real safe sex is no sex at all…
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