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Aww man this takes me back to my days in Ms Kott’s cosmetology class.  She had a nail tech desk to teach us the finer points of a mani and pedi…and on our clinic days we’d get to do our own hair and nails and I’d always chose to do, nail foils.  And with the introduction of Minx nails and theNail Foil Strips popularity of things shiny, I ran across a website that sold the foil nails and once again I felt like a school girl.

Ok so with the passage of the decades, I had forgotten why exactly the foil nail craze didn’t take off. Just a few points. Minx is cool but with the expensive price, for me it really isn’t much of an option since you can pay upwards to $75 and they only last and look good for about 3 days.

where with the foil manicure you can buy them for $1.00 for a few feet of the product.  So an order can last you forever.

Please keep in mind this is a SPECIAL OCCASION manicure, definitely impractical for every day…although I do keep mine for about 3 days.  And I do wash the dishes, my body etc. but it is a pain staking process to keep the foils from rubbing off and that is with a clear nail polish over the mani.  But Definitely worth the look for special occasions.  I had  given myself the manicure for New Years.

The iridescent designs are my favorites but allegedly the hardest to maintain..but shoot a girl likes the glitz and a change up sooooo….once again I will be out with a new manicure…twice a week. So many nail designs soo little fingers..


  • instant dry
  • You get alot of bang for your buck
  • Super Shiny Mani


  • They last a day or so with top coat
  • and a few hours without
  • They rub off to expose the adhesive without any top coat.

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Have your ever tried nail foils?  If Not would you consider? Which do you prefer them or Minx?  Any tips you’d like to add?

leave us a comment..We’d love to hear from you..

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