Mental Orgasms Can your bring yourself to Orgasm with your Mind?

Freaky Friday Mental Orgasms

So Apparently Lady Gaga Can do it all….and I mean it ALL…A few months back she gave an interview in which she claimed she could give herself an Orgasm Just by thinking about it….It takes the Term “sex is mental” to a whole nother level.

Now I haven’t tried it in years but I could also bring myself to Orgasm just by thought but trust me it is no easy feat.

Well this actually isn’t anything new..A scientist studies the brain activity of a woman who can imagine herself to an O with an MRI and…

“What the study has revealed thus far is that women who can will themselves to orgasm mentally, experience the same brain activity during orgasm as women who use stimulation to get off. If women can experience the same orgasm from stimulation as they can just through mentally willing it to happen, it proves just how large of a role the brain plays in female orgasm. ”

Here are Some tips if you want to try this:

Relax and keep an open mind.. Let’s face it I’ve had actual sex that sucked (no pun intended) for no other reason that I couldn’t get into it mentally and so this is definitely no different.  There are those unfortunate women who have never had an orgasm through sexual stimulation and that is mostly because they aren’t relaxed and open to enjoying what is actually happening to them.

You have to have a very intensive imagination.

For me it is pretty easy, there Is a certain guy that Is known for giving me a good time and I try to remember intently our last sexual encounter.  Or better yet sometimes while we are in the act of getting physical,  I concentrate intently on the way he makes me feel.   Where he kisses me.. How his breath feels on my neck…etc.

I try to make a mental note of the positions and  the things that he says to me. All for recall later.

Touch…Now I know what you’re thinking, the idea is to make yourself orgasm without touching the obvious places.  But I’m talking about simple touch on the back of your arm.  try to focus on what your hand feels like touching your arm and try to focus your brain on what your arm feels as your hand is touching it.  Trust me it will heighten your senses and you will be able to use this to imagine your way to an O, when you touch other places…

Hope this helps you some Let me know if you’ve had a mental orgasm or if you tried this? I’d love to know.


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Have you ever had a mental orgasm?  Have you tried any of these suggestions?  What is your favorite ways to get to a mental orgasm?


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