How to Give Her Oral Pleasure

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How to Give her Oral Pleasure

Turn about is fair play Today we talk about how to please her with oral sex,  since last week I wrote the article “How to Give Him Oral Pleasure“…And the ladies demanded equal time.  So once again…I’m gonna give you my opinion and then I’m going to ask the ladies what they like…


Let me start off by saying far too many women said they either don’t like to receive orals ex or couldn’t remember the last time that they received an orgasm from getting it from a man…  So Men..You guys have got to do better..


First things first…Know your equipment.  If you don’t know what a Labia or Clitoris looks like you might wanna click here Maybe like too many  people you may have only seen a vagina in the cover of night.  Even if you have taken a really good look at a vagina, you still might not know what the parts are called.   Shit, some women haven’t looked at their own vagina.  Which Makes it harder for them to tell you what exactly they would like for you to do to please them.

Ladies Help Him Help You

If you don’t know what makes your body tick, how can you tell him what you like.  Don’t leave him just licking blind.  Before he get started eating you out just allow him to explore  your body  with touch, lose yourself in the activity.  Maybe allow him to watch you pleasure yourself the reason I suggest that is because it will be easier for you to show him, what you like if you know yourself.

Now I remember an episode of Chelsea lately where Gabrielle Union was on there and she said she prefers Cunnlinugs (oral sex) to Flowers….it’s the perfect gift..

Foreplay Anyone

Well I am not so sure if that is everyone’s cup of tea but there is that section of the ladies who feel that oral sex is a part of fore play…the best for me is when a man takes his time with it.  No need to rush when eating vagina, Personally I like when you work your way down to that area…  take your shoes off stay a while.

I like when a man breathes on it before he actually touches it with his tongue…there’s nothing like warm breath on my clitoris that will drive me crazy for the real thing.

POR Favor

Clip and clean your nails…and no teeth..One of my guys on my post about The Proper Way to give Him Oral Pleasure, said “She needs to act toothless” Gentlemen the same rules apply.  A woman’s sex organs are just as sensitive as yours so please handle with care.

However..there are those women who do enjoy a little nibble..  I am not one of those women.  But the best way to know is to ask her what she prefers..if you dated a nibbler before me, and then tried that on me…I might not be so pleased and trust me neither will you be.

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Just like with directions, some men do not know when to ask for help.  Like with everything else what is good for one might not work for all.  So if you want to know exactly how your lady likes to be pleased orally, it is best  to ask her.

Trust me, no matter how great you were with your last lover, the same technique might not turn your new lady on.  Although I have been asking these ladies what makes the difference between good and great no one answer was exactly the same.

According to cunnilingus tutor (Guys I recommend it)

“Some women find direct clitoral stimulation too intense. You need to communicate to find the way to stimulate her best.”

I like it when my man licks on my clitoris & penetrates me with his finger or a vibrator

The Man in the boat…

Now I know you have heard that euphemism for Clitoris.  If you don’t know Women Orgasm two ways.  One is an internal or Vaginal (orgasm) that can be achieved when the woman is penetrated.  And another is External..clitoral stimulation.  So the easiest way to give her the big O and I’m not talking about Oprah is to focus on stimulating her internally and externally at the same time. Remember guys to get her to orgasm is the goal. You are not done until she wraps her legs around your head and tries to suffocate you.

I would say the key to making it good is if the person doing it really enjoys it, not just doing it as a means to an end.

Attitude Attitude Attitude

Doesn’t this one sound familiar, My girl friend recalled getting a job done so well that “It made me get up and clean his whole damn house”.  The reason she said that it was so Great was because as she put it.

He looked at me as if I was a plate of food & He was starving..but not to just dig in and eat my pussy but to devour it he did it like he wanted to savor it, as if it was his last meal…

Just like men don’t like when women rush it and pretend, the same goes for you guys when it’s your turn, Just as you want her to make you feel good, you should be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to giving her oral sex.

A Good Job is when the man licks and sucks ONLY on the lips of my vagina–However a great job is when he sucks &  licks on the my clitoris &  vagina…paying more attention the the clitoris while finger penetrating the vagina.

Hands Up

Use of hands is highly recommended…Just like men, women need the touch of their mate and as I explained earlier for the inner & outer might have to use what is available to get the job done.  A lot of women like it when you are licking her clitoris and pentrating her with your tongue.

But Several women have suggested using your fingers to do the penetration. Neither is a wrong choice. Actually doing a combination of both will probably do the job. The sensations are different and while your fingers are harder the soft wetness and warmth of a tongue is also a nice wat to go.

I hate the serpent tongue, The serpent is the rapid in and out  with their tongue I HATE that…

Kiss It

One woman said that she like to be “Deep Throat Kissed” on her vagina.  Well now, I like the sound of that.  However According to Cunnilingus tutor you might wanna try to relax your tongue, they suggest that a relaxed tongue will give you better coverage, and will allow for better pleasure. The article suggests and I concur that some one who tenses up and moves the  tongue furiously around the woman’s clitoris doesn’t know what he is doing.

I like emotional head Get INTO it! Messy, super-wet and gross.

Find the Right spot & Stay THERE...

According to Lucky’s article on the subject  you should “Lick around it, stimulating the hood and the crura, teasing her inner labia, tasting her. Take your time and listen to her. Some women make noise, and some do not. It will be a while before you learn exactly what your lover prefers as far as oral sex is concerned.”

And According to

“When she starts to have an orgasm, for heaven’s sakes, don’t let go of that clit. Hang in there for the duration.

When she starts to come down from the first orgasm, press your tongue along the underside of the clitoris, leaving your lips covering the top. Move your tongue in and out of her pussy. If your fingers are inside, move them a little too, gently though, things are extremely sensitive just now.”

I couldn’t have said it better. Remember that all things are subjective and the best way to please your lady is to ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t.  And don’t be afraid to explore and try new things together.

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Are there any tips I missed on How to properly give a woman Oral Pleasure?  How do you like for your guy to take care of business, when giving oral?  Any tips you’d like to add?

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