Why You Should Give up Soda

Why you should pass on Soda

That title is a little miss leading. God Knows I think people should have a right to do what they wanna do, but I swear with all of these new doctor shows on TV trust me my hypochondria is at an all time high.

But a few months ago Dr Oz, talked about why you should cut down on soda.   I had never given it much of a thought.  I don’t really have much vices, drink alcoholic beverages ( occasionally),  drink coffee very sparingly (Starbucks)  But my daily intake of Pepsi  is the only thing that was keeping me together. That is until I found out about the High sugar content.

According to The University of Nebraska, 65 Pounds is the amount of sugar consumed if a person drinks only one can of soda a day for one year.

The average 12 ounce can of soda contains at least 10 teaspoons of soda.  And if you are like me, who drunk mostly 20 ounce sodas or a 2 liter a day…There is no telling what amount of sugar I was putting in my body.

The thing that drove it home for me was the thought of my higher risk for Type 2 Diabetes, which runs in my family as is the case with most African Americans.  Type 2 Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions among African American’s who are Much more likely to develop the disease than non-Hispanic Whites.

According to the National Diabetes Educational Program, nearly 15 percent of African American’s ages 20 and over have diagnosed, and undiagnosed diabetes.

Diabetes can lead to vision loss, lost of limbs, strokes, cardio vascular disease, heart attack and eventually death.  Diabetes is also the 7th leading cause of death in this country.

But hey if that isn’t reason enough for you to pass on the Soda Pop here are some of the other’s I’ve found:

  1. It contributes to Weight Gain
  2. Weaken boned and change Osteoporosis
  3. Soda helps to erode tooth enamel over time (if you must use a straw)
  4. Increased risk of Kidney damage
  5. Adverse effects on your Digestive System
  6. Likely to cause Heartburn
  7. Adverse effects on your Liver & higher risk of Cirrhosis
  8. Higher risk of Cardiac Issues
  9. Higher Blood Pressure
  10. High Caffeine Content

To see the content of sugar in your Pop of choice check out




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Does this article make you consider giving up Soda? If so how hard has it been to give up soda?  Have you seen any changes in your body since you have either cut down or cut out your soda intake? Do you know someone with Diabetes?

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