NYFW Kaelen Spring 2011Collection

Kealen's Spring Collection 2011

Kealen's Spring Collection Credit: Marco Pedde

Honestly I had never heard of Kaelen, and I don’t fancy myself a fashion writer but I know what i like to spend money on.   I am always interested in being introduced to new designers, and have no problem going off the beaten path for my fashion fix.
So I was disappointed when I didn’t get a chance to see Kaelen’s fashion week presentation during this season’s Mercedez Benz Fashion week.  That was until I saw the full line.

Kaelen Look Spring 2011

Credit: Marco Pedde

I must admit I was looking for something a little bit more colorful,  but what I saw was a lot of shapeless tops, that didn’t seem to flatter a woman’s figure.  The colors were muted and drab, I honestly can’t say that I was inspired to run out to the store to buy these outfits to put them in my closet.

Kaelen Spring Look 2011

Credit: Marco Pedde

But There were a few pieces that I could definitely see owning

Kaelen Spring 2011 Collection

Couldn’t you just see Blake Lively in this? I know I could it was fresh and sophisticated, yet still fun and young. And My favorite of the collection.

Kaelen Spring Look 2011
A Cute top from Kaelen Credit: Marco Pedde

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