Sex Between Friends

A Hard head Makes for a soft behind…

If I didn’t tell him…I saw this coming. I knew that this was going to happen.So I am out to dinner on a “non-date” with a friend of mine. It is a platonic friendship (but you do know How I feel about women and men doing that).It is a fairly new friendship but I am enjoying it.So as I said I am at dinner with my male friend who is recently divorced. And from everything that I know about him is a pretty good dude.

So now that he has gone through the trauma that men go through when they have placed their hoped and dreams into a woman who is how shall I say less than faithful.He is looking for female reparations from all of the new ladies that he meets.That’s right hoes..he’s getting 2 acres and a mule from that ass. So be prepared to pay up.

But from what I know about him he is a strong proponent of marriage, fidelity and family, which is in direct contrast to what he has been doing lately. We have had some conversations about how he doesn’t understand some of my ways of thinking because I am not exactly a one man woman…but as I told him I just haven’t been inspired by the RIGHT man yet.As we are at dinner and he was telling me how he was juggling 3 women, but trust me he has a conscience about it.The conversation somehow got around to his best friend who is a woman.What struck me, when he talked about her was two very important things. The first was he said that she was the perfect woman, but he never wanted to ruin their friendships but there were times that he could see them together.The second was when he talked about how close they were.

Now I’m paraphrasing but there was a point in the conversation, where he told me that she knew him better than anyone else and then he proceeded to show me texts of them back and forth, of the day before when she texted him at the precise time that he was having sex, to tell him she knew he was being naughty.All I could do was wonder when the two of them were gonna get it on. They even go on play dates with the kids. So I asked him a stupid question. What are you waiting for to be with this girl?

He gave me some excuse about how, she knew what he went through and she knew that he wasn’t ready for anything serious.So I looked at him perplexed because I knew what she knew about him.This man, was a hard worker, good father, family man, smart cute sexy and her best friend.Explain to me what woman wouldn’t fall for this guy???You know besides me.He is every woman’s dream. It’s what we are told to do find a guy who is our best friend to settle down with.So on this day, I am watching the game with the boys (once again just friends). He calls me to tell me a story (you know he thinks will be good for the site) and he proceeds to tell me about a girl whom he finds overly aggressive who he tried to turn away by telling her that he was juggling 4 women.So stupidly I asked you have an additional woman? I only knew of the 3. And then he said well remember the best friend I was telling you about…well yeah she’s the fourth.

Now before you all get up in arms about this guy having 4 women. If you read my four man rotation story you know that sometimes it takes the jobs of many to do the complete job of one.But since he is now single and honest with these women, I don’t have any problems with this. But I was slightly disappointed to hear that he had sex with his best friend.

So he said to me, “what happened…you’re quiet” and then I said. “I don’t think you should have done that.” And he said “I couldn’t help it.” And Uhm I could believe that shit…I mean I could see it. I knew it.Maybe I’m seeing it from my mind or my memory. But that is a boundary that cannot be uncrossed. So as I am telling him the errors of his ways the other heads in the room started to nod in agreement (mind you they were all men) the easiest way to loose a friend is to have sex with them.

If you have a woman friend who has known you for a significant amount of time watched your relationship fall apart, spends quality time with you and your children together, knows you inside and ou….She obviously loves you. You shouldn’t cross that line with her unless you are ready to go all the way.So then I asked him how was it? And he said it was soo good..very passionate…and all I could do is shake my head again. If she is single with no prospects, she is going to want to have this great sex with him again.And 9 times out of ten whenever they hang out for “friend time” it will either end up being about sex, end up in sex or it will definitely be the pink elephant in the room.So what is going to happen when she finds someone else?Or better yet he does?Or that next time you want to call her to tell her a story about your sexcapdes with the other 3 you have. I’m not convinced that it is a good idea for men and women who are friends to cross that line.But hey in their case I maybe wrong, but I don’t think so. Will keep you posted..

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