Are Dogs really better than Men?

So in watching my nightly news, there was a report that women preferred their pets to their mates. Wow, uhm hello dog’s aren’t even the same species.  Normally I would say what a crazy notion…But with my dog and my last mate, my dog was a way better option.

According to the study 33% of women say that there dogs listen better than their men and 25% of women say their pets are more attentive than their mates…wow..I’m really not alone..but well on my way to being the single dog lady.  But at least I’m not alone.

My dog was part of the reason my last relationship failed..I know what you thinking, how you gonna blame it on the dog. But I swear it is true. Or maybe my man was just crazy..scratch that he was crazy, but I didn’t understand why he would be jealous of the dog until I started to compare both relationships.

It began on one of his first visits to my house. Of course being the woman that I am..I tidied up my place before he got there. Now no comments on this but I have a wee-wee pad kinda dog, I walk him  when I can but really, I needed him to be more like a cat, when it comes to him doing his business.

So before my friend came over, I made sure he did his business cleaned up after him and then changed the pad. Well as my friend came over to the area, where I make sure the dog goes. The dog looked him in his eye and went to his spot and squirted out a dime size amount of pee. My friend said, did you see that he just went to the bathroom. I said yes, I did see, he did that because you are here. He did it to let you know he is the alpha male.

So my Boo says, “Oh yeah, well it would f*ck his head up if I peed on his wee-wee pad.”

It went down hill from there. You see, My dog has a hard time when I sit on the couch next to anyone but him. He is a little attached..he is laying right on my leg as I type this story. Well my guy didn’t really appreciate that my dog was letting him know of his displeasure, at not being able to sit next to me on the love seat. And refused to make room for the dog, or allow me to get up. Well for the next few months, I felt like I was in a tug of war, between my man and my mate. What is a girl to do.

But here’s the thing. My dog although he can’t talk, is very effective at communicating his needs. But somehow, my “Human” man, not so effective. I mean half the time I couldn’t figure his ass out and didn’t want to when I could.

For example:

· If my dog’s metal water bowl or food dish is empty, he kicks that bitch across the floor and wakes up the whole house until I yell at my son to fill it or get off my ass and do it myself.

· If I think I’m gonna sleep a little too late, my dog comes into my room, and whimpers until I wake up because he misses me.

· When I come home from a long hard day from work, he throws me a effing parade, he jumps and runs around my feet until I trip and fall or picks him, up. And if I don’t hold him long enough and puts him down too soon, he jumps again until I pick him up and again.

· And more important (to him not to me) if he wants his belly rubbed he rolls over with it exposed until, I give in.

· His most recent bad habit, has been that he sleeps in his bed by my bedside until I fall asleep, and then sneaks in my bed. Just to be next to me.

I remember one day when my boo and I were having a heated discussion about something or nother (I forget at this time because I must’ve thought the dispute was trivial then) and he tried to pull me close as to appease me. And I resisted and then my dog Theo motioned for him to pet him, which he did.

Nikita Banks and her dog theo

So he snapped at me, well sometimes I feel more welcomed by the dog. I didn’t answer. But he was right, the Dog did like him better than I did. But shit I thought I was hiding it better than that.

The straw that took a toll on the relationship for me was, when my dog who has a habit of coming up to me and wanting me to pick him up and I did.

And started to give him what he wanted my attention, my man, commented that If I gave him as much attention as I give the dog, he would be a happy man. But once again me with my mouth, I answered him honestly, “I know that I love the dog… You not so much.” He wasn’t too thrilled about that…but it didn’t matter. I still have my true love, and trust I don’t regret the male I chose..

Are Dogs really better than Men? Which would you prefer? Do you think I was crazy?

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